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Although the status of the Lisbon Treaty is still pending,
the possible impact that it can have on the EU’s immigration legislation
is worth analysing and discussing. The importance of immigration,
asylum and border control is evident in the fact that the topic is
presented as early as in Article 3 of Title I of the Common Provisions
of the Lisbon Treaty. It states that the Union ‘shall offer its citizens an
area of freedom, security and justice’. The common area is supposed
to exist without internal frontiers where the free movement of persons
is ensured. In order to provide for these rights, measures should be
taken in the fi eld of border control, asylum, immigration and the prevention
and combating of crime, as immigration raises problems in all
these fi elds. The internal market is mentioned only after the issues
of migration. The aim of this paper is to discuss whether or not these
changes and the Lisbon Treaty can lead to the better management
of immigration at the EU level and to see where Europe is heading in
this regard. Competences, legislation making, and objectives are discussed
in order to fi nd answers to questions about the development of
common EU immigration legislation.